Did you know that children and young people with autism are more likely to develop mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression? It is vital, therefore, that they get the assessment, specialist support and treatment they need, as quickly as possible.

Support for children and young people

Retreat’s clinical psychology service is dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing for both children, teens and their families. With the right support, they can live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

We offer individual and group therapy, video-link consultations, parental training and broader training for schools and other organisations.

We consider and accept self-referrals for young people between five to 18 years old, so please get in touch. Call us on 01904412551

or e mail us on info@theretreatyork.org.uk

Our support includes:

  • Individual or group therapy

We offer both individual and group therapy sessions, depending on the preference and needs of the young person.

Young people with autism can also use our therapy sessions to develop a variety of coping strategies to manage a range of mental health difficulties, including low mood, anxiety and anger. Such difficulties can also be associated with challenges to eating, sleeping and toileting and we can explore ways to improve these areas. Strategies can also be used to manage sensory needs should they be impacting adversely on emotional wellbeing.

It is not uncommon for mental health difficulties to be influenced by challenges in negotiating the complexities of social relationships, such as appropriate social boundaries, the rules of friendships and managing disagreements. We can work with young people to develop a range of social skills to enhance their understanding and confidence when interacting with others.

  • Consultation

As we grow together in understanding a young person, we can also begin to work with the systems around them, including education, to encourage the most appropriate support. Through consultation, we can explore a variety of ways to understand and manage specific challenges, while also considering environmental adjustments.

  • Parental Training

We work with parents and other family members to build upon their existing knowledge of a young person’s difficulties and how to respond. While this will be unique to each family, support can involve:

  • Helping parents and siblings understand and adjust to a young person’s diagnosis of autism.
  • Exploring ways parents may wish to communicate a diagnosis to a young person or family member and supporting them to do this.
  • Managing challenging behaviour and ‘meltdowns’.
  • Developing additional ways to support and respond to a young person with mental health difficulties.
  • Understanding sensory needs and how to adapt accordingly.
  • Improving sleep, eating and toileting.

 Broader training

We provide training to schools and other organisations to develop an enhanced understanding of autism and associated difficulties, as well as presenting a range of strategies to support young people achieve their potential.

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Accessing our service

We consider and accept self-referrals for young people between five to 18 years old, who have received a diagnosis of autism, are awaiting assessment for autism or who have been identified as having social interaction and/or communication difficulties impacting on emotional wellbeing and/or day-to-day functioning. Call us on01904412551

or e mail us on info@theretreatyork.org.uk