A support group for people recently diagnosed with autism is receiving lots of positive feedback.

We’re pleased that many people attending the group courses at The Retreat are finding it is helping them live better with their autism.

One member described it as a “small, understanding group, allowing relaxed, informative discussion where you can hear about other people’s issues and hear similarities too.”

The five-session course, run by Sam Tyrrell and Alana Gadsby, Assistant Psychologists at The Retreat, (pictured left) supports adults who have recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Using the group environment, Sam and Alana help people make sense of the diagnosis together and understand the various sensory difficulties which they may experience. They also help people deal with anxiety and give them tools to use to deal with these feelings and recognise the emotions which may trigger them.

Sam said: “People who attend tell us they enjoy hearing from other people with similar issues and many feel they can talk more openly in this environment. They say they feel really safe and experience better understanding from people within the group.”

Feedback from the group sessions is being used to improve each session and Sam and Alana are pleased with the constructive comments.

Alana said: “We’re really encouraged by the comments from people coming to the groups and know that many find talking helps them understand how they can move forward.

“One person told us they found it much easier to communicate and share their experience within the group and meeting people with similar experiences to talk through their issues was really helpful.

“Another member said they found it helpful “being able to be comfortable with people that understand,” and another said it was good “talking about the way I deal with things and how others deal with things”.

The group sessions are available for those people who have already been assessed for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within the North Yorkshire NHS service. The Retreat is also planning to launch a monthly drop-in session for people diagnosed with ASD.

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