Help is now available for children and young people who are seeking support for Autism or ADHD, thanks to the launch of a brand-new service at The Retreat.

Adults seeking assessment and support for living with Autism are already getting help and advice from a team of clinicians and health professionals at The Retreat. The new service for children and young people will enhance the provision of specialist neurodevelopmental services and ensure The Retreat remains at the forefront of Autism and ADHD services across the region.

Dr Kim Bevan, Clinical Lead at The Retreat, said: “This is an exciting new service which we are delighted to be offering at The Retreat. We specialise in providing support for people with complex needs and have always wanted to expand our adult services to help people under the age of 18. We are looking forward to helping many people and their families who have been unable to access these services. We believe this new service will dramatically change people’s lives and give them the support they need to overcome the many challenges which living with Autism and ADHD sometimes presents.”