How kindness shown by others can boost our mental health, even when times seem unbearable.

Fighting incurable cancer, through a pandemic, will certainly have an impact on someone’s mental health. Here one woman tells us how she used her crocheting skills to help others, and also generate more kindness.

“I have a lot to thank the NHS for – having treatment for primary breast cancer and now treatment for secondary breast cancer – I wouldn’t be here without the care and treatment I’ve received.

So when the pandemic hit us, it couldn’t have been at a worse time. Not being able to see my family and friends has been the hardest thing for me. I was feeling so low, mentally and physically struggling.

So, I decided one morning to do something constructive to help people. Using my limited, but ok, crochet skills I started to make ‘ear savers’ for face masks for all the NHS, carers and key workers etc.

But very soon I ran out of buttons!

So, I thought I’d ask people for more buttons on the York random acts of kindness web page. Wow! the generosity and kindness of people I didn’t know, hit me just when I needed it.

Not just for the buttons, but the sheer wonderful kindness. It picked me up, made me feel better, lifted my spirits and made me feel appreciated and needed.

Lovely kind people turned up at my house with hundreds of buttons and lovely gifts which were never expected.

This is an awful time for us all but there has also been a lot of good come out of it. It’s certainly made us all kinder.