Review of therapy service highlights high client satisfaction, despite shift to remote working

A review of therapy outcomes and experiences of clients at The Retreat in York has demonstrated the positive and meaningful changes to clients’ wellbeing as a result of psychological therapy. This review is of particular interest as it covers therapy endings in the six months between January and June.

Dr Stephanie Petty, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead Adult Psychotherapy Services, said:

 “We are proud of our carefully considered and tailored approach to therapy, which means we can offer a wide range of therapy approaches where the priority is always a personal understanding of what is going to help for each person, now. In recent months, we have listened to increased loss and grief, the effects of traumatic events and increased strain on people’s shoulders in their day-to-day lives. We quickly moved to offering our same therapy services through telephone or video link. I think this is why our outcomes consistently show that our clients feel satisfied and that they feel better in meaningful ways.”

Dr Kim Bevan, Chief Officer, Clinical Services at The Retreat, said: “These results are particularly pleasing as the last few months have been extremely difficult for everyone. We are now seeing more people asking for therapy services and know that this figure will increase as people feel the effects of the pandemic going forward.”

When asked about the helpfulness of therapy, 93% of those who came to the end of therapy said they were satisfied with the service and all rated their therapy as helpful with 73% rating it as ‘extremely helpful’. All those surveyed (100%) said they would recommend The Retreat to a friend.

Dr Bevan added: “Clearly people value the therapy services we provide. 92% of the people seen by our team showed ‘reliable or significant improvement’ in levels of distress at the end of their therapy.”

Comments from some of our clients within the questionnaire include:

 “I am beginning to have a positive relationship with myself. Learnt that it is important to ask for support.”

““I have had invaluable support in coming to terms with significant issues in my life.”

“It’s changed my life. I feel much more positive, happy, grounded and have much better understanding of what I need.”

 “Helpful to talk to someone removed from my personal environment. Hasn’t judged me or my responses.”  “Dealing with my health issue made me realise that I have to be more accepting of the health issue. Also to try not to worry about things I cannot change. Be more positive about things that I can do.”