5 Top Tips For Couples at Christmas

Couple therapists at The Retreat got together to share their thoughts on navigating couple relationships during the holiday period.

1. Take a breath… Take some time out for yourself if needed, try to be reflective and aware of how you are feeling rather than suddenly reacting out of stress.

2. It’s all about me… If something is bothering you, try using “I” statements to explain how you feel rather than “you” statements which can put your partner on the defensive.

3. The perfect gift… Find our your own and your partner’s love language by visiting www.5lovelanguages.com Discover whether words of affirmation, quality time together, acts of service, receiving gifts or physical touch is how you and they feel loved, and offer them gifts you know they will want to receive. Imagine coming down on Christmas morning to find the vegetables prepared, or opening a card with all the things your partner has noticed and appreciated about you this year.

4. Be your better half… Remind yourself “this is Christmas” so don’t sweat the small stuff, let small annoyances go and focus on what is really important to you and your partner.

5. Making a list and checking it twice… if you’re the one with all the lists, how about sharing the jobs this year?  Stick up a list and invite your family to sign up for their areas of expertise.

Here’s one we made earlier…

 Mummy Bear Daddy BearWicked QueenBaby BearGoldilocks
Recycling monitor     
Pine needle monitor     
Morning coffee maker     
Carol provider     
Nappy duty     
Glass collector     
Children’s entertainer am/pm     
Cushion plumper     

If all else fails, take a moment, breathe…..and remember spring is just around the corner.

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