5 Top Tips For Dealing With Grief At Christmas

Linda Bower – Psychotherapist at The Retreat shares her tops tips with how to deal with grief.

  1. It is okay to feel sad and it’s okay to feel happy: Christmas is a hard time of year to grieve. Many people around us are laughing and swapping gifts and you might feel disconnected from it all. Or you might feel guilty that you are able to laugh too. Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel but don’t try to feel happy if you aren’t.  
  2. Spend time with the people who care: Allow yourself to be surrounded by those who care for you and who want to help you cope with Christmas without your loved one. Let them help you.
  3. It is okay to talk about the deceased: Sharing stories of Christmases past with the deceased can help bring some comfort whilst also recognising that it might be painful. You have permission to share the love you shared.
  4. Do not expect too much from yourself: Be kind to yourself and remember that grief is exhausting and will affect you physically, cognitively and emotionally. Take time to rest.
  5. Remember grief is the price we pay for loving – don’t stop loving to avoid losing.   

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