The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns have dramatically changed the way we live our lives.

Working and schooling from home has altered the domestic dynamic, putting new strains on families and relationships.

The Retreat in York, one of the oldest mental health providers in the world, is aiming to get a better understanding of the situation locally in order ensure its specialist Psychosexual Therapy services are ready to meet the challenges of the coming months.

Linda Bower – Psychotherapist “Even before the pandemic we know that 1 in 10 couples experienced sexual concerns, to varying degrees of severity.

“This number is likely to have increased substantially due to a number of pressures caused by COVID-19, ranging from stress and anxiety to simply spending too much time together.

“The causes of sexual concerns can be varied with some problems having a physiological cause, whilst others are psychological. All, however, can be explored within Psychosexual Therapy, which can offer support and suggestions that can improve levels of intimacy.”

“We’re hoping you can help us with a very short questionnaire designed to help us understand the impact of the pandemic on their sex lives and how much they know about the help that out there.

“The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.”  Click Here: