One of the most effective ways to build mental strength is through mindfulness – being attentive and aware in the present, without distractions such as past thoughts or future worries.

Many athletes use mindfulness techniques as part of their training, with Michael Jordan (arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time) commenting that mindfulness meditation enabled him to ‘prepare to face whatever comes next’. There’s also good evidence to suggest that mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), is effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, and this treatment is even NICE approved.

Mindfulness can come in many forms; this festive period why not incorporate a mindful activity? If you are able, perhaps a mindful walk- paying attention to what you can see, hear and smell. Or perhaps choosing an element of your usual everyday routine as an opportunity to practice mindfulness, such as brushing your teeth, or making your favourite warm drink, and doing so completely in the moment. If your mind wanders to thinking about something else (as it often does!) just gently bring it back to what you are mindfully focusing on. There- you have been mindful!

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