George Murray

Music & Children’s Therapist

My Expertise


Music Therapist

My Experience

I have extensive experience working with children and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems, ASD, communication difficulties, emotional and behavioural problems, life-limiting conditions, dementia and trauma. I have worked a lot with people who are bereaved and people with caring responsibilities, as well as having a specialism in working with children with developmental trauma and attachment difficulties post-adoption. I also have extensive teaching and supervision experience in these areas.

My Therapeutic Model

Music Therapy uses psychotherapy theory and neuro-developmental models, and is based around the development of a relationship between therapist and client. Music Therapy is an exploratory and creative form of psychological support, and it is client-led. In addition to words, music can provide an alternative mode of communication, which is sometimes more accessible than words for some people. Through expressing themselves using words, music and play, clients can develop their social, emotional and communication skills, explore important personal themes and gain insight into their patterns of behaving.

My work with children is creative, play-based and child-led, and involves a lot of playful explorative interactions using a powerful combination of words, music, storytelling, drawing, chatting and playing together.

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